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Enter a world of entertainment with amazing attractions, outdoor events, and more at the Promenade Amman.




Our boutique amphitheater, The Garden Theater is nestled in and seamlessly integrated in the landscape of The Promenade, providing a delightful setting for an incredible mix of entertainment. The events line up will include a mix of live variety shows, family shows, cultural performances, bands, DJs, singers, talented entertainers, in addition to broadcast sporting events.
There’s always something special about spending time outdoors. KaMakana, The Promenade’s dedicated outdoor play space, offers kids an open-air place to run around, have fun, enjoy the play structures, and maybe even make a few new friends. To top it all off, a surprise visit from Wasabi will surely put a few smiles on their face.
The Pocket Park is a versatile play and recreational area intentionally designed to periodically change its theme, look and feel, in addition to its attractions. The Pocket Park will feature an array of recreational activities and games that will regularly change, depending on the season, special events, occasions and holidays. This multi-purpose area will cater to guests of different ages and interests.
The Game Buffet at The Promenade offers a range of amusing and exciting boardwalk-style skill games for the whole family. The Game Buffet allows everyone of any age to participate, test their skills, try their luck, and have fun together, all at the same time.
Named after The Promenade’s beloved mascot, the Wasabi Clubhouse is an indoor, always supervised, secure and safe soft play area for toddlers and preschoolers. The interiors are inspired by the Wasabi character, creating a rainbow of fun and learning, a cozy haven, and a magical place to share, learn and grow. A nurturing and creative world, the clubhouse offers multiple play structures and zones for little tots to stay and play.